How Can I Change My Genes

It seems like we’re on an endless quest to be healthier and get to our ideal self -- and the information is overwhelming.

The new science of epigenetics tells us we have a set of genes, which is our “recipe” for good health.   But it is our choice of foods, supplements and lifestyle that determine how our genes express themselves.  So it’s like having a recipe for dessert and depending on what ingredients you add into that recipe, the dessert turns out delicious or not so delicious.

You have the power to influence how your genes express themselves, and that expression can change depending upon the external factors in your life. That is REALLY good news! 

You do not have to head down the same path as your parents or your siblings.  Your genes do not have to control your health destiny. The science of epigenetics is proving that.  Dr. Bruce Lipton explains the foundation of this new belief in his book called The Biology of Belief.  It’s an interesting  idea that the mechanisms of the cell membranes operate in response to environmental signals.

YOU get to be in control of your genes, and what you do changes them -- sometimes often. You determine how your genes perform depending on the foods you eat, how much you move, the quality of the air you breathe, and the thoughts you think. All of these external factors can dictate what tendencies you may have to different health conditions.

How Can I Change My Genes

With the exception of a few genes, no matter what set of genes you were handed at birth, you can choose to take action to activate the disease fighting genes, boost your health, and minimize the expressions of genes that could cause chronic illnesses.

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