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How Does Chiropractic Work?


Chiropractic works by making sure your spinal joints move freely through their natural ranges of motion.  To understand why proper spinal motion is required to experience health and vitality, read on.

The master system of the body that controls and coordinates ALL other systems is called your Nervous System.  Your Central Nervous System (Brain & Spinal Cord) communicates with all of the organs, cells and tissues by sending and receiving trillions of intelligent signals every second!  Proper nerve communication with all systems of the body at all times is essential to living a healthy life because it allows the body to adapt and respond to the environment appropriately.

The largest source of nerve signals for balance and coordination to the brain comes from the spinal joints.  Nerve signals to the brain become altered when spinal joints do not move through their full range of motion.  As a result of this restricted motion and stress, the body adapts.  The shoulders, chest, spine, pelvis, knees and feet may twist and become uneven as the brain works through the muscular system to balance the body.


These stresses of adaptation cause body-wide activation of the fight and flight response.  Left uncorrected, this new stressful posture will create further fatigue and compromised health until proper spinal motion is restored.

By Doctor Keith Lavender

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