How Much Water Do I Need?

Could headaches, dizziness, low energy, trouble losing weight or constipation be caused by lack of water? How much is enough? 

Interesting research shows dehydrated drivers make twice the number of errors as a hydrated driver....much like an intoxicated driver. A recent Harvard study shows many of our children are dehydrated and often do not drink any water in a day which can have drastic repercussions in their health and in the academic abilities. Just switching out sweetened fruit juice and sodas for pure water can dramatically improve your health.

The body is composed of about 65% water and it's needed for a number of physiological functions like blood circulation, detoxification and waste removal, and metabolism to name a few. A few of the more common symptoms of lack of water we see is dizziness, low energy, bad breath, a foggy head, headache, dark urine, infrequent urination, muscle cramps and joint and back ache.

How Much Water Do I Need?

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