How Spring Cleaning Can Benefit Your Health

  Try Spring Cleaning -- For Your Health


Woo-Hoo!  Spring is officially here as of March 19, 2020.


This Spring season of renewal and rebirth arrives at a time of unprecedented economic and health concerns in our country and in the world.   We are social-distancing and spending a significant amount of time at home away from jobs, family, friends and typical activities. 


So, it’s a great time to focus on spring-cleaning and re-inventing your home! 

Make your safe-space, your home, an environment of calm, cleanliness, peacefulness and comfort.  Especially today, we need natural and spiritual peace of mind.  


Decluttering your home can be very therapeutic and comforting.    It opens the mind for new ideas and activities.  To start, focus on cleaning these 5 areas:


1.    Your Kitchen -- Have you gone through your freezer and pantry checking on expiration dates recently? Make cleaning the cabinet, freezer and refrigerators a bit easier by tossing out items that are taking up space and may no longer be safe or usable.  Toss those items that have past their expiration dates. Read the labels and it might even be a good time to eliminate those items with highly unhealthy chemicals as well.

2.    Your Closets -- As we move into warmer weather, are there cold weather clothing items that you didn’t wear or may be too worn?  Pick out clothes and shoes that can be donated to your favorite charities – and throw out items that are too worn out or stained.    If in doubt, donate anything you haven’t used, needed or thought about in the past two years.

3.    Cleaning Products and Supplies – Choose natural, less toxic products and begin eliminating the more harmful supplies.  Use more vinegar, baking soda and essential oils for cleaning. Take stock of your current inventory and check online for natural cleaning recipes.  This will go a long way in minimizing the harmful effects on your family’s health in the future.

4.    Entertainment Items – Surely you have old books and movies that you can move on to shelters, churches, and other families?    Donate those drawers, shelves and boxes full of old magazines, board games, movies and books.   Share them with others through thoughtful donation.

5.    Your Garage and Storage Shed – Yikes!    We tend to store our possessions away in boxes and closet corners and hidden shelves.   Maybe it’s time to unload the baggage.  You know the old saying -- one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.   So share your treasure with others, and reclaim your inner peace.


How Spring Cleaning Can Benefit Your Health


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