How To Avoid The Flu This Season

How to Stop the Flu and Winter Viruses From Knocking You Out

The best way to ward off winter colds flu viruses is to strengthen your immune system.  A healthy body will help reduce your susceptibility to contracting other viruses, the common cold and even the seasonal flu. 

Bolster your immune system, be proactive and live healthy so you can live well today and into rest of your life in optimal health and wellness.

Practice these simple behaviors to build your healthy foundation.   Get enough sleep, be sure to reduce the stress on your nervous system with regular spinal checkups, decrease your sugar intake, eat healthy, take appropriate whole food vitamins and minerals, Omega 6 Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes--The Fab 5, and reduce the stress in your life. Enjoy laughter and good music. Breathe deeply and slowly.

In addition, try these natural health practices to strengthen your immune system:  

1.       Get 8 Hours of Sleep a Night.   Numerous studies have concluded that lack of sleep can double your chances of getting a bacterial or viral infection.

2.       Breathe Clean Air.  Keep the air around you as clean and fresh as possible.   Use an air purifier in your home or office that has an ionizer and HEPA filter to clean the air.

3.       Wash your Hands Often.   The amount of infected bacterial and virus matter in the air and on surfaces increases during cold and flu season.  Wash your hands every hour with soap and water.

4.       Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face.  Infected “droplets” of virus are harmless on your hands.  But if you put your fingers into your nose, eyes or mouth, bacteria and virus can easily transfer and enter your upper respiratory tract. 

5.       Stay Warm.  More and more studies are showing that a chilled body temperature makes you more susceptible to bacterial or viral infection.   Bundle up and stay warm to keep your immune system strong.

6.       Avoid Sick People.  Infection passes from one to another.   Avoid sick people to avoid illness.

7.       Get More Sun, Fresh Air and Movement.  Your immune system depends on physical activity to pump white blood cells throughout your system.   Make sure you get fresh air and move, sweat, bend, and stretch your body. 

8.       Avoid Negativity.   Avoid negative, angry and dysfunctional people.   Emotionally and spiritually unwell people impact your immune system.  Likewise, negative input from television news can really bring your down.

9.       Improve Your Immune System Naturally.    Eat well, move well and think well to build your immune cells and immune system. 

10.   Chose to amplify peace, love, trust and gratitude.  Gratitude boosts your immune system.  If you and every member of your community amplifies a vibration of joy, trust, gratitude, love and healing, this energy will positively change the health of you, your family and your community.

How To Avoid The Flu This Season

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