How To Boost Your Immune System

       Your Immune System is Vital to Your health!  

      A strong immune system is vital to fighting biological pathogens in our environment—those organisms that can cause disease and susceptibility to bacteria and viruses like  Covid-19.   Our level of immune resilience determines whether or not these pathogens will infect us and cause a significant and ongoing immune response.  In other words, our lifestyle and our diet determines the strength of our immune system.

People struggling with the effects of an autoimmune condition may already know to avoid gluten, dairy and other foods known to cause an immune reaction.   Avoiding those foods helps to reduce inflammation and autoimmune symptoms, and can also help your immune system be stronger against viral and bacterial infections.  If your body is not fighting the negative impacts of a typical American diet, it has more bandwidth available to fight infections.

Try these four basic dietary steps you can take to create a profound impact on your overall immune system functionality: 

1.       Avoid concentrated and processed sugars – including candy bars, desserts, fruit juices, sweetened coffee drinks, and anything with a high amount of concentrated sugar.

2.       Increase your intake of foods high in antioxidants and flavonoids. Eat fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables of many different colors.  The high content of antioxidants and flavonoids in these foods will support your overall immune function. 

3.       Improve the healthy bacteria in your gut.  Taking probiotics to support your gut bacteria is a good start.   Make sure to eat plentiful amounts of different kinds of vegetables or fermented vegetables.  These foods help feed the bacteria in your gut and maintain healthy bacterial balance.  Seek diversity in your produce choices, and have fun trying new vegetables.  

4.       Reduce your intake of inflammatory foods, which deplete your antioxidant reserves and harm your brain.   Avoid foods fried in vegetable oils, starchy, high-carbohydrate meals, and flour-based foods.  Partially hydrogenated fats common in packaged foods, fast foods and processed foods are particularly harmful.   These inflammatory foods degrade your immune system and cause you to feel tired after you eat, resulting in weight gain, muscle and joint pain, foggy brain and depression.   

Of course, it can be difficult get your family to eat as you know they should.   At a minimum, help their body to function optimally by supplementing their diet with high-quality whole-food multi- vitamins and minerals, a good probiotic, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 fish oil.  This regiment assists the body in getting the proper nutrients to keep it strong.

Regular chiropractic spinal check-ups are also vital to help keep the nervous system clear and strong, and to boost the immune systems of adults and children.    Other immune-boosting therapies include BrainTap guided meditation sessions and BEMER vascular therapy.

How To Boost Your Immune System

For more information and a free consultation on how you can strengthen your immune system, call Foresight Chiropractic at 480-325-6977.  The Doctors at Foresight Chiropractic, the Valley’s premier Wellness Center, are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical doctors providing precise, gentle chiropractic care and nutritional support.  



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