How To Improve Blood Flow

Have you ever thought that the tiniest vessels in your body could be the key to improving your overall health?  Could poor microcirculation be at the root of your issues or helping to accelerate the aging process? 

The study of capillaries and the functionality of our microcirculation, which is 74% of our entire circulatory system, is a newer and exciting area being researched by scientists around the world.  A particular area of interest is the effect of poor functioning micro vessels in the role of chronic diseases.

The technical term for impaired microcirculation is micro vascular dysfunction, or MVD, and it is associated with diseases such as diabetes, chronic metabolic disorders, chronic pain and wound healing disorders for example.  Over time, if blood cannot flow freely throughout our micro vessels supplying oxygen and critical nutrients to our tissues, without doubt there will be negative effects to our health. 

The blood not only carries life giving oxygen and nutrients to the cells, but it is also responsible for removing carbon dioxide and metabolic waste out of the body.  The body cannot regenerate as well without proper blood flow and it is more susceptible to illness and disease.  Without oxygen getting to the cells, the body becomes weak and is not able to perform optimally. 

The complex interactions between the tiniest blood vessels and the cells of our organs is not completely understood, and this part of our system cannot be treated with drugs or surgery.  Detoxifying work is done through the tiny blood vessels in the renal corpuscles, and persistent high blood pressure damages these micro vessels.

Vasomotion and blood flow is also affected by the brain and central nervous system, specifically the autonomic system.  A chiropractic adjustment to align the spine takes the stress off of the nerves, allowing them to function optimally.  A balanced system brings the autonomic (fight or flight) system and parasympathetic (rest and digest) system into greater balance.

Local mechanical stimulation of the small blood vessels is possible with the help of physical vascular therapy. Targeted stimulation of the micro vessels is gaining more popularity as an addition to traditional and alternative medicine and has been used in Europe for over 21 years. By stimulating the muscle cells in the vascular walls of the micro vessels, increased blood is pumped into the capillary region.  Utilizing BEMER technology is one way to increase physical and mental capabilities easily and is available at Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center.

 How To Improve Blood Flow

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