How To Improve Health And Energy

Are you searching for relief of chronic health issues? Or are you striving to optimize your health and your athletic or workout performance? Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical care and BEMER may be just what you are missing!

In this video, Gaill shares her story of restoring her health with Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic care. After trying several chiropractors and other traditional medical treatments, she has found Dr. Keith Lavender and his approach to restoration and wellness to be the most effective for herself and her family.

Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic care is a technique that focuses on the top bone of the spine called the Atlas or C1.  Cervical x-rays are used to determine the precise and gentle adjustment that is specifically for your spine.  When the spine, especially the Atlas bone, is misaligned, stress on the nervous system is increased and communication to and from the brain may be reduced.  Aligning the cervical neck increases cerebral spinal fluid flow and nervous system function, allowing the body to function optimally. Some of the symptoms of misalignment may show as neck pain or back pain, stiffness, anxiety, migraines or headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, or as colic and constipation in an infant. It is never too soon for a spinal check-up and you have everything to gain by beginning care.

In addition to the Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical care, Gaill was able to experience a medical device that Dr. Lavender utilizes in his practice called BEMER. It has been used in clinics and hospitals in Europe for over 25 years in their hospitals and medical practices as their healthcare system focuses on whole body wellness. BEMER uses gentle frequency to stimulate healthy muscles and improve microcirculation. Our microcirculatory system is a whopping 74% of our entire blood system! BEMER helps with discomfort in the body, rest and relaxation, and endurance and recovery. Many find BEMER to be their “secret weapon” for performance and slowing down the aging process.

How To Improve Health And Energy

Learn more by calling 480-325-6977 and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Keith Lavender, a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal specialist. At Foresight, the Valley’s premier Wellness Center, athletes young and old, newborns, Mom’s and Dad’s, and kids have been benefiting for over 25 years. Don’t hesitate to call today and experience improved health.

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