How To Increase Oxygen Levels

    We are all on the quest for more energy and better health.

But sometimes we overlook the most obvious element our bodies crave – Oxygen! Watch this video to see what your body needs to create oxygen, energy and good health.

Oxygen is vital for survival.  Starved of oxygen, the human body will not survive for more than four to five minutes.  Severe brain damage is possible, and death can happen shortly after 10 minutes without it. 

Oxygen is vital to creating energy in our body, it aids in healthy digestion and supports elimination of waste and toxins out of the body.  Healthy levels of oxygen help with energy, endurance during exercise, brain function, vision, wound healing, stress reduction, sleep, and immune system. 

With increased oxygen levels, red blood cells become saturated and can provide optimum amounts of oxygen to every cell in the body.

Oxygen is a requirement for the body to function optimally to repair, regenerate, and remove free radicals and waste. Here are ways you can increase oxygen in YOUR body:

1)   Exercise. The body uses more oxygen as it works harder. It produces more carbon dioxide, and to keep up with the demand, breathing increases during exercise.

2)   Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractic. When the spine is misaligned, stress on the nervous system is increased and communication to and from the brain can be reduced. Aligning the cervical neck increases cerebral spinal fluid and nervous system function, allowing the body to function optimally and increase oxygen throughout.

3)   BEMER vascular therapy. Research has shown BEMER to increase oxygen delivery through the capillary system by as much as 30%. Using BEMER for 8 minutes in the morning and 8 minutes in the evening is enough time to systemically increase oxygen, deliver nutrients, and remove toxins and waste products from the body. 

How To Increase Oxygen Levels

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