How To Influence Your Genes

     The Science of Epigenetics is showing us how our mind and nervous system controls everything! Do you want better health, better performance, and more control over your life? It IS possible!!  At Foresight Wellness Center we offer you options to improving your health and your life.

What if you could slip on a headset, lie down in a cool and comfortable room, close your eyes and relax - and then achieve a deep, meditative state of being?

BrainTap is a series of guided, audio meditations that guide you through a full spectrum of brainwave training produced by light, sound and vibration.   BrainTap therapy de-stresses the brain and helps to create peak brain performance on a daily basis. 

The technology built into the BrianTap headset and audio training is based on the scientific principle of “frequency following response,” which refers to the brain’s natural tendency to follow rhythms and frequencies.   The headset generates specific lights, sounds and tones which produce a specific frequency that matches a brainwave frequency, and the brain naturally follows it and produces that brainwave.

The BrainTap headset uses pulsed tones and gentle pulses of light to simulate both the lower frequency of relaxing, calming alpha and the focused, stimulating frequency of theta.   Most people get more than enough beta waves, but are lacking in alpha and theta.   BrainTap guides the brain back to a harmonized balance of brainwave activity

The BrainTap headset also incorporates auriculotherapy.   Trigger points in the ears – usually activated by acupuncture needles -- are known to directly balance the body’s organs and systems. The light frequencies generated by nine LED lights in the headset can produce the same effect and feeling of serenity and balance.

There are more than 700 BrainTap sessions – 10 to 22 minutes in length --designed to guide your brain toward peak efficiency in changing behavior, overcoming additions and achieving your goals.    BrainTap sessions cover such self-improvement topics as:

·Business and wealth



·Weight loss

·Sports and athletic performance

How To Influence Your Genes

BrainTap is available at Foresight Chiropractic, the Valley's premier Wellness Center.  Try it for yourself and schedule your first FREE session by calling 480-325-6977 today. The Doctors are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist, providing very precise and gentle chiropractic care, for over 20 years. If changing habits and improving the quality of your life is one of your goals, call today or follow the link below to enjoy 15 days free listening enjoyment!

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