How To Upgrade The Quality Of Your Health

Still looking for that special Wellness Gift for a special occasion that will keep on giving long after the special day passes? Be sure to ask about the current specials being offered!

Consider Whole Food Nutrient Profile Testing or Wheat Sensitivity Testing.

One in seven people in the US have a wheat related gut issue.  As gluten and wheat sensitivity is becoming better recognized by doctors, specific testing has become more available and is an inexpensive way to determine what could be the cause of a number of issues many people are plagued by, including:

            Digestive discomfort or IBS

            Low vitamin D levels

            Brain fog

            Fatigue and low energy

            Skin inflammation

            Chronic headaches or migraines

            Weight gain or loss

            Joint pain or numbness in the extremities

How To Upgrade The Quality Of Your Health

Simple blood testing is now available and only a finger stick is needed with Vibrant Wellness tests, now available at Foresight Chiropractic, the Valley’s premier Wellness Center located in Gilbert, AZ.  In addition to gentle upper cervical chiropractic care, the Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal specialists are also Certified Advanced Muscle Integration Technique practitioners and Wellness experts looking at each individual holistically.  For more information about optimizing your health and your performance, call 480-325-6977 and ask about one of the complimentary Wellness Workshops and to schedule a free consultation. Make the coming year an upgrade to the quality of your life and improve how you Eat, Think, and Move!

Also available for your Wellness routine is BEMER Vascular Therapy, BrainTap guided meditation, Low Level Cold Laser, Therapeutic Massage, Essential Oils, and Whole Food Supplements.






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