How to Prepare Fermented Vegetables

Have you wondered how to prepare your own fermented vegetables? Great video to demonstrate with Dr. Mercola in his clinic.

If you attended Dr. Keith Lavender’s last Advanced Health Class, you know how important gut health is to your brain and your overall health. Eating fermented veggies is a great way to increase beneficial gut bacteria in your diet.

A study from 1948 by Dr. Orla-Jensen, retired professor from the Royal Danish Technical College, indicates how amazing your stomach is at filtering out pathogenic microbes BEFORE they pass to the intestinal track. Beneficial gut bacteria plays a critical role in vitamin and mineral production and absorption, digestive health, the immune system, and metabolism to name just a few of its benefits to the body.  An article in Scientific American, January 29,2013 further explains the function of the stomach and the benefits of good bacteria. 

According to Dr. Orla-Jensen, the stomach uses acid to kill the bad bacteria, fungi, viruses, worms and protozoa, while allowing the beneficial microbes to pass through. As we age, our stomachs become less acidic causing increased chances for chronic illnesses and dementia.

How to Prepare Fermented Vegetables 

Gut health is a direct link to our brain and overall body health and consuming fermented foods is a great way to ensure you get ample healthy bacteria.  Start out with a tablespoon and build up to a half a cup per day. If this is not an option, take a high quality probiotic every day.

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