Improve Blood Flow And Health Naturally

        For millions of Americans, working from home, staying indoors and being more isolated is the new normal due to Covid-19.    It can be challenging to maintain normal health and exercise routines that are essential to maintaining strong blood flow with these restrictions.  Our circulatory system is built to support an active lifestyle, and movement greatly aids your heart in cycling blood through your extremities.  The average person has over 70,000 miles of vasculature in their bodies.   Its job is to deliver oxygenated blood from your heart to your extremities — especially on the microcirculation level, getting oxygen and nutrients to individual cells.

Reducing movement and exercise can cause negative effects and reduce circulation.   Here are a few helpful ways to increase your blood flow and your health while social distancing.

·         Take regular breaks and move.   Take breaks at regular intervals to get up and walk around your neighborhood.  Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

·         Stay hydrated.  Water makes up nearly 50% of your blood by volume, and it is the medium by which your blood cells travel through to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and to carry away carbon dioxide, metabolic waste, and hormonal signals.  Dehydration causes strain on your heart by decreasing your blood’s total volume and having the effect of thickening the blood.  The average adult should get at least 8 cups of water a day or more as your activity level increases.

·         Stretch Your Muscles.   Stretching is hugely beneficial in improving blood circulation. By gently working and pulling on muscles and connective tissue, you’re making your heart’s job easier and are working the smooth muscles in your microvascular system.

·         Use BEMER therapy.  Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology has been used by athletes and NASA scientists for years to help improve blood circulation and maintain bone density.  Your body’s ability to heal its tissues and remove waste from the blood is only as good as your blood flow at the microcirculatory level.  The BEMER medical device uses targeted and patented technology that stimulates muscle tissue and improves local blood flow.  When added to a healthy lifestyle, BEMER can be a simple but powerful treatment to support, quality sleep, improved energy and endurance, slow down aging process, counteract a sedentary lifestyle, and aid in injury recovery.

·         Get regular chiropractic care.    Atlas Orthogonal, an upper cervical specialty, is a gentle, precise spinal adjustment that properly positions the Atlas (the top bone of the spine) on the spine, maximizing blood flow to and from the brain.   Upper cervical chiropractic treatments remove stress from the nervous system and has shown to be very effective in eliminating or reducing neck and back pains, helping the body heal, restore and balance, and boosting one’s overall health and immune system.

Improve Blood Flow And Health Naturally

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