Improve Muscle Function

    Can AMIT Therapy Help Improve Muscle Function And Reduce Your Pain?

What is Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT), and how can it help you reduce pain, improve your muscle functioning, and restore your health? 

AMIT practitioners evaluate, diagnose, and treat more than 600 muscles in your body.  AMIT treatment helps to restore proper functioning to “shut down,” non-performing muscles that have become injured or damaged.    It is an effective therapy for sports injuries, acute and chronic pain, active people, and troublesome orthopedic conditions – because AMIT helps patients heal faster and perform better.

AMIT can help treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions including: patellar tendonitis and other knee problems, shin splints, bursitis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shoulder conditions including frozen shoulder syndrome, conditions of the spine including sciatica, headaches including migraines, sinus problems, concussions, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, reflux, ankle sprains, hip conditions, whiplash, systemic conditions, and more athletic injuries.

The AMIT process starts with an initial examination to identify inhibited muscles, because the primary cause of joint and muscle pain comes from muscles that have been injured in some way.  When a muscle is injured, the nerve centers where the muscle attaches to the bone inhibit the muscle to protect it from major damage. Other muscles then adapt to take over for the loss of muscle function.   Over time, chronic pain occurs, and pain is the body’s communication system that indicates something may be wrong in the body.

The results of Advanced Muscle Integration Therapy are immediately noticeable – including pain-free functioning, balance, and an awareness of improved alignment of the spine and body.    The AMIT process not only assesses the condition of muscles, but also frequently determines the reason for pain.   The focus is on correcting the root cause of muscle dysfunction rather than only treating the symptoms. 

Improve Muscle Function

For more information and to schedule your free consultation, call 480-325-6977. The Doctors at Foresight Chiropractic, the Valley’s premier Wellness Center are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialists and Certified Advanced Muscle Integration Technique practitioners, serving athletes and families for over 21 years. Call today and find that competitive edge with AMIT. Also available to support endurance, recovery, and performance is BEMER Therapy, Low Level Cold Laser, and Therapeutic Massage. 

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