Infant Milk Alternatives

The infant formula shortage dominating the news can cause considerable angst and worry for mothers and their infant children.

Fortunately, there are alternative healthy options for infant nutrition.  Before changing your child’s feeding plan, it is always wise to check with your physician for specific recommendations for your child.

Let’s look at a couple of options:

Goat Milk vs Cow Milk:  Goat milk for child nutrition is preferred in many parts of the world including the USA.  It is reported to be more easily digestible than cow’s milk and is less allergenic. From an environmental perspective, goats eat less and take less grazing space, and can even be raised in family’s backyard or community garden.

How does goat milk compare to cow milk?  Nutritionally, an 8oz glass of goat milk contains about 10 grams of fat, just slightly more than cow milk.    It does not contain agglutinin, which makes goat milk easier to digest.  The type of protein that goat milk contains is also easier for most individuals to digest.  Since it is easier to digest and travels through the digestive system quicker, many infants and children do not “spit up” or regurgitate goat milk as they may with cow milk.

Goat milk casein is similar to human milk, and it contains slightly less lactose than cow milk. Another plus, goat milk has a higher mineral content than cow milk -- 13% more calcium, 25% more B6, 5 times more B12, 47% more vitamin A, and 134% more potassium for example.  

With cow milk and goat milk, other nutrients still need to be supplemented for infants. Always check with your physician for recommendations.

At Foresight Chiropractic, we frequently recommend OHS Complete Nutrition Plus for infants, children, and adults alike. Healthy eating is essential for everyone during every stage of life. It is very important to provide proper nourishment both in pre-birth and well as after birth to set the child on a healthier path for the future.  Complete Nutrition Plus takes the guesswork out, providing a high dose of antioxidants and the purest form of protein, carbs, and essential fats.

For a great start to life, in addition to a healthy nutritional diet, infants will benefit from regular chiropractic care to clear the nervous system and align the spine. The birth process can be rough on the newborn spine, so it is never too early to get a checkup.  With Atlas Orthogonal, a very gentle chiropractic method of care, adjustments during pregnancy and after are strongly recommended for both mother and child.

Infant Milk Alternatives

For more information and to learn how we can help you and your family have a happier, healthier life, call 480-325-6977. Ask about a complimentary consultation with our board certified and nutritionally based doctors at Foresight Chiropractic in Gilbert, AZ -- serving the community for over 24 years.   We offer other patient care services including Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, BEMER Therapy for stimulation of healthy muscles and improved blood circulation, nutritional coaching, and massage therapy.


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