Insomnia Facts from Chiropractor in Gilbert AZ. 85233

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Insomnia facts from Chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ 85234

Hopefully it is not 2am when you are reading this post!  Insomnia affects about 10% of us.  I often find that insomnia and lack of sleep are root problems that affect the entire health picture of my clients.  Have you ever had insomnia one night and the next day you felt tired, sore, achy, mentally confused and irritable?  Those effects are from a sustained ‘fight and flight’ mode.

When we are sleeping, our nervous system should be in a ‘growth and repair’ mode.  If we do not get more than four hours of sleep at night we will stay in a ‘fight and flight’ mode where healing and repair will not occur properly.

Clients always want to know what they can take or do to prevent insomnia.  I find that most of the time it’s what clients are already doing that is the cause of insomnia.  Check out the following list and check off the things you will stop doing that may be causing insomnia and stealing your good night’s sleep!

  • Caffeinated drinks and foods – don’t consume them as they stimulate the brain!
  • Electronic equipment with distracting lights and noises – turn them off!
  • Social media connections – put your devices on do not disturb.
  • Emotional stress – write in a journal before going to bed.
  • Lack of activity – work some form of exercise into your schedule.
  • Spinal subluxations – have your spine checked for proper movement.

If you have checked off everything on the list that could be the cause of insomnia except having your spine checked, give us a call and schedule to have a spinal check up and learn why spinal subluxations could be causing insomnia in your life.

By Dr. Keith Lavender 480-325-6977

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