Is Emotional Freedom Technique The Solution For You

What if you could easily free yourself from anxieties, fears, limitations and phobias? 

It is said that as much as 90% of our physical issues stem from emotional roots.  Yes, stress and negative emotions can take a huge toll on our health and how we feel physically.  There is a simple technique that has been shown to be extremely effective for relieving stress and eliminating fears and phobias.

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is easy to do and radically different from conventional methods. This technique can be used for any negative or limiting emotional state, because your feelings and thoughts are energy.   Most of us are striving and constantly in search of peace of mind and to love and to be loved.  We also carry around many limiting beliefs that stop us from enjoying life and reaching our goals and desires.

Most often we don’t consciously realize that we are self-sabotaging ourselves or understand why we respond the way that we do.  Often, we may feel out of balance, angry, depressed and constantly looking for something or someone to make us feel better, to bring us into balance. This may put us in unhealthy relationships, or struggling with food addictions, drugs, alcohol, sex, or obsessive work patterns. 

We CAN change our thoughts and this changes our feelings and our actions. 

Over 5,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered a subtle energy in the body and identified acupuncture meridians along which energy travels. Energy disturbances cause abnormal functioning of the body.  These meridians have been measured and mapped by modern methods; electronically, thematically and radioactively. 

EFT can give you freedom allowing you to grow and rise above the hidden hurdles that have kept you filled with anxiety, stopping you from reaching your full potential.  The EFT is done by tapping near the end points of your energy meridians while verbally making certain statements, humming, counting and moving your eyes in a particular sequence.  By balancing the meridians, profound changes in your emotional and physical health can be achieved in a short time – typically two or three sessions. 

Is Emotional Freedom Technique The Solution For You

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Feelings Buried Alive Never Die  by Carol Truman


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