Is Food Addictive Gilbert Specialist


    Do you feel like food CONTROLS you? Is Food Addictive ?  Are you a victim of conditioned hypereating? Do you eat too fast -- without thinking -- crave sugar and salt? Eat to reduce stress?

Is food Addictive ? Dr. David Kessler, the scientist who once led the U.S. government in its attack on addictive cigarettes says YES!  He recently published research suggesting that millions of Americans are more and more sharing a conditioned hyper-eating disorder. It saps will power, drives people to eat more high fat, high sugar, high salt foods even when they are not hungry. This condition occurs in the brain where these foods light up the brain's dopamine or pleasure sensing pathway -- the same pathway affected by alcohol and drugs. According to Dr. Kessler, the food industry is largely to blame for intentionally manipulating us with sugar, salt, fat and other chemicals added to our foods to make it more craveable and very difficult to lose weight.

Fortunately, Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center  a Gilbert specialist, has found an easier way to change food addictive behavior.  We are excited to share with you our new service that may help you transform your life, achieve your goals and accelerate your success! It's called Self-Master Technology and it is the most sophisticated yet simple personal improvement method we've ever witnessed. This technology is developed from the research of the world's leading universities.  It's safe, proven, and requires virtually no effort on your part. 

Is food addictive -- a question you may have asked yourself -- to help break the addictive cycle and reprogram the mind -- Self-Mastery Technology with Zen frames, delivers gentle pulses of light and sound combined with visualization, guided imagery and soothing music to take you to the profound levels of relaxation known for focus, learning, achievement and healing. It is a new approach for calming emotional eating and changing the habits and behaviors that caused your weight problem in the first place. 

To lose weight now, call 480-325-6977 to schedule a free consultation and free trial session in our clinic. The doctors are board certified Atlas Orthogonist, providing precise and gentle adjustments in addition to nutritional consultations. Call today and take your health and vitality back!

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