Juicing for Health Gilbert AZ

Have you been on a sugar high? It is tough to quit, as there are chemical reasons why it’s hard AND those are the exact reasons why food companies add so much sugar to their products. It is ADDICTIVE and challenging to stop just like cigarettes and alcohol.

As you work to reduce your sugar consumption (this would include simple carbs like white bread and potatoes), increasing healthy foods and fats will make it much easier.

Juicing is a perfect way to quickly infuse nutrients in to your system. Not only will it make it easier to reduce your sugar cravings, it will quickly improve your health, increase your energy and boost your immune system! Not sure how to juice or even what you need to get started? Juicing for Health Gilbert AZ

RESERVE THE DATE and plan to attend Juicing 101 Thursday, October 20th at 6:30 p.m. at Natural Grocers in Gilbert on Baseline Road presented by Dr. Keith Lavender.

You might be thinking you could just eat more salads rather than juicing or blending them or maybe you don’t really like many vegetables but know their importance. Juicing your vegetables is a way to get a more nutrient dense drink that is easily and quickly absorbed in to your body. Without the fiber, your body can take the vitamins, minerals and enzymes right into the body without having to break it down. Juicing doesn’t replace eating your fruits and veggies – it is a supplement to super charge your body! Juicing for Health Gilbert AZ

 Another positive benefit to juicing is weight loss. Juicing infuses your body with healthy nutritious food, reducing the cravings and many people report the pounds melting away. Juicing also helps to alkalize the body, raising PH levels. Diseases love an acidic body, so when you juice, alkalizing the body, chronic disease ailments are reduced and even eliminated helping you to feel better and move more.

We recommend juicing only organic vegetables. A study funded by the European Union found organic fruits and vegetable have a much higher nutrient content. The study showed they contained up to 40% more antioxidants, higher levels of zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin C. They also had less nitrates.

Juicing for Health Gilbert AZ

For more information, call 480-525-7841 and schedule your complimentary consultation. At Foresight Chiropractic, the valley’s premier Wellness Center, the Doctors are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialists providing very precise and gentle care – no popping or cracking.  Dr. Lavender is a Certified Wellness Lifestyle practitioner and Addictionologist. You don’t have to be sick to get well! Call today and find out how to supercharge your life!

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