Knee Pain Treatments Gilbert AZ

This is a great video to show stretching exercises and how to use the roller to help reduce or avoid knee pain.

If you continue to have injuries, pain or imbalances, you could have muscles that are not functioning properly due to trauma or overuse. The central nervous system acts much like a circuit breaker in your home. If a muscle has been injured or over-used, the nervous system will “shut down” function to that muscle to minimize tearing or injury. Other muscles will take over the function of that particular muscle. This can lead to pain, weakness or injury.

For example, knee pain could be caused from the Guteus Medius muscle being “shut down” which helps rotate the knee in. If this muscle is not functioning properly, there will be added stress on the knee and other muscles. Or the Quad or Hamstring muscles – if any of the muscles are not functioning properly, stress is added to other parts of the body. Knee Pain Treatments Gilbert AZ

Using the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique or A.M.I.T., evaluation can be done on over 600 muscles followed by re-integration of  ones that are inactive.  

Knee Pain Treatments Gilbert AZ

For more information, call 480-525-7841 to schedule your free consultation and find out if spinal mis-alignment or poor functioning muscles could be the cause of your problems.  Dr. Keith Lavender of Foresight Chiropractic is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialists and Certified Advanced Muscle Integration Technique practitioner. Call the valley’s premier Wellness Center to schedule your free consultation today and get your game back on!!



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