Knee Pain

Are you experiencing knee pain? This is a common complaint among athletes and active people. Frequently the pain is felt behind the knee. People will often describe their condition as pain, or a “locking” or unlocking” of the knee.

The main muscle responsible for rotating the femur on the tibia and locking and unlocking the knee is the popliteus muscle. It is a big player in a healthy, functioning knee joint. 

In this video, Dr. Keith Lavender, Certified Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) practitioner, is testing a young gymnast to identify muscles that are not functioning properly and impacting her performance. As he works through the muscles, he has found the popliteus muscle to not be working properly, or what is termed aberrant.  You can see the young gymnast does not have the strength to hold her position when pressure is applied.

The brain and nervous system act much like the circuit breaker in your house to prevent fire or electrical damage. The central nervous system will “shut down” muscles or muscle groups to prevent further injury. No amount or massage or exercise will strengthen that muscle or group until it has been neurologically “turned back on.”  

Knee Pain  

More information about Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) can be found on our website, along with numerous patients talking about their experiences. Or for a complimentary consultation, call 480-330-5080 to schedule a time with the Valley’s premier Wellness Center for sports therapy. Dr. Keith Lavender is a Board-Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist and Certified AMIT practitioner.

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