Lifestyle Changes

   Four Important Nutrition Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor

People starting a new healthy eating program have many questions.    They ask: How do I start a healthy diet?   What specific diet protocol is best for me?  

With so many trendy diets and lots of conflicting advice, it can be overwhelming to begin a lifestyle change.    The fact is, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. But there are proven strategies to achieve basic healthy nutrition.

Question One – I’ve never focused on nutrition much before.  Where do I start?

At Foresight Chiropractic, we believe the first step is to identify and focus on the core deficiencies of a patient’s diet.  We don’t recommend a major overhaul on day one.   Until these deficiencies are remedied, your body won’t begin functioning correctly.

For most people, this may mean focusing on eating quality protein, drinking more water, getting enough of the key quality whole food vitamins and minerals, adding healthy fats, and reducing or eliminating processed foods and carbs.  These steps alone will get your body working better in short time.  

Question Two -- What’s the best diet to follow?

All dietary protocols have their pros and cons.   We believe in helping patients find the approach that works best for them. The best diet is the one that matches the person’s unique physiology and is something they enjoy enough to follow consistently.

You can become lean, strong and healthy on a plant-based or a meat-based diet.  You can improve your health with organic, free-range foods and with more conventional foods.  You can lose weight on a low food budget or an unlimited one. 

Question 3 -- Should I avoid carbs?

Most people have heard that they need to drastically cut back on carbs (carbohydrates) in order to lose weight.  However, the needs of each person differs based on activity level, goals, genetics, and preferences.  The bottom line is that carbs are not inherently fattening.  And getting adequate carbs can help most people exercise harder, have more energy, and optimize their lifestyle change progress. Each patient will be individually evaluated.

Question 4 – What supplements do I need and what kind are the best?

Lifestyle Changes

Quality supplements are essential.  Purchasing inexpensive supplements can actually be more harmful than not supplementing at all.  With busy lifestyles and stressful modern environments, the appropriate supplements can be key to realizing optimal health. At Foresight Wellness Center, customized supplement plans are available and tailored to your genetics.

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