Low Back Pain Relief with Advanced Muscle Integration Technique

Are you experiencing low back pain? Maybe repeatedly on and off for years? It may be from muscles not working properly to support the body. After trauma, over-use, or injury muscles may have been shut off or are not functioning properly, the brain will compensate and recruit other muscles to take over the load. This can cause imbalances in the body, potential injury, and pain. 

In this video, Leigh has been experiencing low back and hip pain as well as problems with her knees. Using Advanced Muscle Integrating Technique (AMIT), Dr. Keith Lavender found her gluteus maximus muscles to be "shut down" or not functioning properly. During trauma or over-use, the brain acts much like a circuit breaker protecting the body and shutting down muscles or muscle groups to protect the area from strains or tears. 

After treating with AMIT, Dr. Lavender will retest and access the muscle function. Be sure to watch the next video with Leigh to see the difference in muscle strength. Working out in the gym, all of the strength building exercises will not make a difference if the muscle is not functioning properly. Now that Leigh has had the muscle re-activated, her workouts will be more effective and she will be able to strengthen her glutes. She will notice her hamstrings will not be as tight and she will be able to do squats and hold yoga positions much easier.

Low Back Pain Relief with Advanced Muscle Integration Technique

For more information about Advanced Muscle Integration Technique or to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Lavender, call 480-425-7841. Dr. Lavender is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal  upper cervical specialist and Certified AMIT practitioner serving the valley for over 17 years at the valley's premier Wellness Center. At Foresight Chiropractic the adjustments are very gentle and precise --no popping or cracking. Call today for your free consultation and get your game back on!!

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