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Golf is the toughest sport -- mentally.

There are two key reasons why the golf is mentally demanding.   First, the golf ball is stationary when addressed.  It is much easier to react to a ball that is moving, especially under pressure.  In golf, you have more time to “analyze” the complexities of the shot and skill you will need.  You cannot perform as well when you are analyzing versus reacting. 

The second key challenge with golf is that there are large amounts of time between shots to "over-think.”   This causes tension, apprehension and fear.   

Superior concentration is the key to playing great golf.  Effective golfers know how to relax and focus.  Self -Mastery Technology (SMT) – available from Foresight Chiropractic – is a technique that helps you focus your mind on the thoughts, feelings and actions needed to achieve your golf goals.   Using SMT processes, you see yourself as a calm, confident golfer.  You block out distractions, focus like never before, and increase your concentration to play better, consistent golf.

On the golf course your imagination can be your most powerful ally or your worst enemy.   Successful golfers visualize the ideal shot each and every time.  SMT provides a unique visualization process that helps you regain your poise and concentration and control your game so you can play better and enjoy the game even more!  Call Dr. Keith Lavender and shave strokes off your game.


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