Migraine Specialist Gilbert AZ

Anyone that lives with migraines can easily identify with Shanna. She has suffered with migraines for several years, trying many doctors including chiropractors, many different elimination diets, medications, and botox to name a few.  Nothing stopped the debilitating pain.

While on a staycation, a massage therapist at a Scottsdale resort recommended that she try her chiropractor because she had gotten relief from her migraines. Shanna scheduled and her life changed after the first treatment. The pain began receding and she is now migraine and medication free and jumping for joy!

Migraine Specialist Gilbert AZ

The doctors at Foresight Chiropractic, the Valley’s Premier Wellness Center are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialists.  The position of the atlas, the top bone of the spine, controls the position of the head and the position of the rest of the spine—much like the top link in a chain. An adjustment to the Atlas is very precise and gentle.  Without pain or pressure, the Atlas can be accurately re-positioned and re-aligned allowing better flow of the cerebral spinal fluid to and from the brain allowing the body to function optimally. Over 30% of the sensory information needed to balance the body comes from the joints and muscles of the head and neck.  Restricted spinal joint movements decrease neurological input to the brain which further activates the fight and flight systems and leads to body dis-ease, ill-health, chronic illness and a shorter life when left uncorrected.

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