Migraine Treatment

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Every year, around 25 million people in the United States alone suffer from migraines and seek migraine treatment. Around 75 percent of this number is females. Migraines are throbbing and intense pain in the head that are usually related with sensitivity to noise or light and nausea. This condition can persist from as little as a couple of hours to as long as a couple of days. A lot of people suffering from this condition report visual signs referred to as an “aura” immediately before the attack. An aura is usually characterized as seeing everything that appears like a dream-like appearance or flashing lights.

People suffering from migraines; typically have their initial attack before they reach the age of 30. This condition appears to be hereditary, supporting the claim that there is a genetic component to it. Some sufferers experience headaches a couple of times in a month; there are some who experience fewer attacks in a year. Majority of people reports that the attacks take place less often and tend become less severe as these people age.

This condition is brought about by a restriction of the brain blood vessels and then by its dilation. During the process of constriction, there is usually a reduction in the flow of blood which brings about the visual signs that a lot of people experience. On the other hand, individuals who do not experience the usual aura can still tell when a migraine attack is about to happen. When the blood vessels dilate, an immediate shoot up in the blood pressure in the head takes place. This is what results to the throbbing headache. When the heart beats, it will signal another shockwave through the neck arteries and up to the brain.

According to a study which looked into the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for various types of headache and migraine treatment, it has been found out that chiropractic care, specifically upper cervical specialists, serves as an excellent corrective and preventative strategy for migraine and  headache treatment.

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