Natural Flu Remedies

    Are you ready for the FLU ATTACK?

The calendar has turned to Fall, and this time of year we’re bombarded with advertising and advice about flu season and the Flu Shot.  

But is a flu shot necessary, or even the right thing to do?   Are there natural, healthier ways to prevent and remedy the flu? 

This video is a great illustration of what happens when someone around you sneezes or coughs, and how a virus spreads.   It looks kind of scary, but our bodies have over 1 trillion cells equipped with its own defense team and immune system. The defense team starts attacking viruses almost as quickly as they are produced.   So, it very important to keep your immune system strong to combat the flu.   

The advertising tells you to get a flu shot as well.   But according to the Cochrane Database Review, the “gold standard” of independent scientific review, reports over the last few years has decimated the myth that flu shots are our best defense.  In real-world conditions, when a flu vaccine at least partially matches the current flu virus strain, 100 people need to be vaccinated in order to avoid just ONE set of influenza symptoms, according to Cochrane’s findings.  In people over 65, the flu vaccines in the U.S. were only 9% effective.

There are many natural flu remedies Gilbert, AZ and risk reduction activities that strengthen your immune system.

1.      Reduce your intake of grains, processed foods and sugar.  They increase toxins that your body must also fight and also causes an imbalance of your gut flora.  Sugar is the “fertilizer” for bacteria, yeast and fungi.

 2.     Take a high quality probiotic supplement.

 3.     Get adequate sleep and exercise daily-- even a 30 minute walk.

 4.     Reduce stress.  Change your mind and change your life! 

 5.     Take a high quality source of animal-based Omega-3.

 6.     Wash your hands frequently with simple non-toxic soap. Don’t use antibacterial soaps that are laden with chemical toxins.

 7.     Cover your mouth and nose with the crook of your elbow (so you don’t contaminate your hands) when you cough or sneeze. 

 8.     Eat more natural immune boosters -- plenty of leafy greens, fresh fruits, garlic and oregano oils.

9.     Take enough Vitamin D! Research shows the majority of the population is very deficient in Vitamin D.  Use supplements if you are unable to get even 15 minutes of direct sunlight each day.

10.  Utilize chiropractic care for a healthy nervous system.  Research shows chiropractic adjustments boost your immune system and promote wellness by clearing the nervous system and helping the body function optimally.

For more natural flu remedies Gilbert, AZ, call 480-325-6977 for a free consultation with one of the Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist doctors at Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center. The doctors have been caring for helping families to get well and optimize their potential through gentle, precise chiropractic and nutritional care for over 15 years. Don’t wait for the bugs to hit – call now!!

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