Chiropractic Services in Gilbert, AZ 85234 Helps Nerve Damage

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The brain controls ALL of the functions of the body.  It controls breathing, digestion, heart rate, sensations, balance…everything! The brain communicates with the rest of the body through nerves that exit the spinal cord.  As they leave the spinal cord, these nerves must pass between the vertebrae of the spine.

Vertebras of the spine may misalign is such a way as to cause irritation to the nerves, disrupting communication. If the communication lines between the brain and the body are disrupted, the brain cannot properly control the functions of the body.

When there is misalignment of the spine and disruption in the communications, symptoms may appear.   For example, misalignment in the upper neck may cause migraine headaches, ringing in the ears, ear aches or hearing loss. A person might experience dizziness, memory trouble, brain fog, sore throat or stiff neck.

Misalignment in the mid back, nerves that control the liver, may cause headaches, sneezing, nightmares, burning feet or back pain. The body is amazing and has an innate intelligence to heal and self-regulate when we remove the nerve interference. The nerve condition is relieved at the source of the problem. Drugs may relieve symptoms but do not get to the cause of nerve conditions.

Chiropractic specializes in removing nerve disturbances, restoring communication. Dr. Keith Lavender is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor, delivering very precise and gentle adjustments. Contact our office at 480-325-6977 or attend a free health class. 

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