Relieve Stress And Anger

    Do you have stress in your life?    Does it seem to spoil things for you or is it affecting your relationships?  Stress is the most pervasive problem of our time.  What kind of a toll is it taking on your health? Do you want to achieve a happier, less stressed, and more productive life? YES, absolutely you can by enjoying our BrainTap Freedom from Stress program with 15 Day Free Trial by clicking here!

Why is Stress so harmful?  Today we are immersed 24/7 and it is very hard to let go of the stress and rejuvenate our bodies and our minds.  The body was created to be relaxed the majority of the time with intermittent times of stress. But in today’s chaotic world, most people spend the better part of their day in a stressed state or in what we call the fight-or-flight response. The National Institutes of Health says that as many as 90% of all illnesses are caused directly or indirectly by stress.

This physical effect is normally triggered when we encounter danger, but with our hectic lifestyle of today, the fight-or-flight response is set off by worry and overloaded schedules. It sets off a rapid release of stress hormones to accommodate the fight-or-flight response and ends with a feeling of depletion and exhaustion.

In our Freedom from Stress Program, you use the BrainTap  programs designed to relax your way to a more positive, worry free outlook. It will help you learn to release tension and negative thoughts, reduce uncertainty and doubt, make peace with your past and create a stress free body and mind.

We also recommend regular spinal care through stressful times.  Removing stress along the spine by re-aligning the vertebras, specifically the first bone of the cervical spine called the Atlas or C1. When the spine is out of alignment, there can be added stress to the nervous system causing the body to not function properly. Mis-alignment can be caused from emotional stress, physical stress, or chemical stress.

Relieve Stress And Anger

Learn more by attending one of our complimentary Wellness Classes or call 480-325-6977 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialists at the Valley’s premier Wellness Center, Foresight Chiropractic serving families for over 20 years with precise and gentle chiropractic care and wellness programs. Sign up for your free 15 days of BrainTap and take control of your life today!

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