Chiropractors in Gilbert, AZ can Reduce Joint Inflammation


Anti-inflammatory drugs, often referred to as NSAIDS, are non-steroidal drugs (sold over the counter as well as in prescription strength) used for the treatment of pain caused by inflammation in the body. According to numerous studies, these drugs are widely thought to be one of the most over-used and abused drugs, annually killing or seriously harming thousands of people, increasing the risk of heart attacks, stokes and gastrointestinal issues.  

Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to control inflammation and to relieve pain by inhibiting the production of prostaglandin.  While they inhibit the “bad” prostaglandins that cause inflammation and pain, they also inhibit the “good” prostaglandins that dilate the blood vessels and increase blood flow to promote healing. 

A natural approach to treat inflammation and pain is Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic, which clears the spine of nerve interference and allows the body to heal naturally, reducing pain and inflammation. Restricted spinal joint movements decrease neurological input to the brain – which further activates the fight and flight systems and leads to body dis-ease and poor health.

If you or someone you know is regularly taking anti-inflammatory medications including Ibuprofen and tylenol, contact us today to learn more about safe, natural approaches to your health.  Dr. Keith Lavender is a board certified Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor who focuses on providing safe, gentle and natural care in the treatment of pain and inflammation. Call 480-325-6977 for more information, including a complimentary invitation to one of our community health classes.

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