Scar Tissue Treatment at Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic

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What is scar tissue?  It forms in the body as a temporary patching mechanism for wounds caused by surgery, trauma or repetitive stress. This scar tissue is made from collagen just like our skin, but without blood supply, it dies, dries out, constricts and becomes brittle. Scar tissue fastened to tissues not normally connected, is called an adhesion. Scar tissue can develop after injuries, surgeries and repetitive motions.

Adhesions can spread, entrapping nerves, causing pain and numbness or limiting range of motion. Un-diagnosed pain and restricted mobility are likely to be caused by these adhesions.

Pain drug deaths have more than tripled in the last decade as Americans spent $16B on prescription pain and $9B on OTC pain relievers.  America loses nearly $100B in lost productivity due to disabilities and 50 million go to their doctors for chronic pain 5 or more times a year.

What is scar tissue treatment?  Scar tissue treatment is focused on relief of soft tissue problems caused by scar tissue adhesions. It is a safe method of eliminating scar tissue that is fast, painless and lasting and is based on a new treatment with compression waves at a frequency resonant with scar tissue.  The treatment targets brittle scar tissue with the shearing force of planar wave energy that is readily absorbed by the brittle scar tissue but pass safely through healthy tissue. 

Studies have shown the use of scar tissue treatment, Rapid Release Technology (RRT), effective with professional sports team in different applications – injury treatment, pre and post workout utilizing the vibrational therapy to decrease scar tissue, reduce pain and inflammation, faster rehabilitation from injury, increase range of motion, increase blood circulation and decrease lactic acid in muscle tissue.

Scar tissue treatment is now available at a Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic. Rapid Release Technology is an effective, safe, inexpensive, and painless scar tissue treatment. Call 480-325-6977 for a free consultation.

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