Sciatica Relief With AMIT

Arien has been suffering from Sciatica pain for a couple of years and has finally found relief!!

As with many patients, she had tried her medical doctor, massage, trigger point, medications and traditional chiropractic. All helped some but did not resolve the core issue. A month after she started treatment with Dr. Keith Lavender, D.C., Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist and Certified Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) practitioner, her sciatic pain diminished and she has remained symptom free. The difference? Getting to the core of the problem--upper cervical adjustments along with AMIT treatment for her muscles that were not functioning properly. 

Muscles become aberrant or inhibited when the muscle or tissue is overloaded and they will not function properly. The response is a protective one driven by the Central Nervous System to protect the body from further damage much like a circuit breaker in a house--tripping the system to prevent damage. Until the connection is restored, no amount of exercising or stretching will strengthen the muscles or relieve the pain. Once the protective response occurs, the injured muscle stays inhibited and other muscles attempt to take on the additional load. Symptoms may be reduced temporarily until the adaptive tissue becomes stressed and overloaded--then the chronic pain sets in and injuries may occur. 

Sciatica Relief With AMIT

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