Shin Splint Relief Gilbert AZ

If you are a runner, you are probably familiar with shin splints, also known as medial tibial stress syndrome.  It is also a catch-all term for lower leg pain below the knee on the front side of the leg or along the outside.  This is common among athletes, runners, tennis players, dancers and anyone who does not build up their endurance and muscle tone or has a sudden change in activities.

Injury and overuse of a muscle is the primary cause of muscle and joint pain. When trauma or overuse is present, the body’s central nervous system acts much like a circuit breaker in your home, adapting by shutting down the affected muscle or muscle group. The overloaded or injured muscle is unable to sustain the load , and the brain shifts function from these inhibited or aberrant muscles to other muscles creating imbalances and potential future injuries.

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (A.M.I.T.) is a systematic treatment for common joint and muscle pain.  A certified A.M.I.T. practitioner tests and treats these inhibited muscles to restore stability and strength to the muscle.

For more information and to find out if A.M.I.T. is a solution to your issues, call 480-525-7841 to schedule your free consultation.  Dr. Keith Lavender of the Valley’s premier Wellness Center, Foresight Chiropractic, is a Certified A.M.I.T. practitioner and Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist. Call today to schedule your free consultation and get your game back on!

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