Sports Injuries and Chiropractic Care

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Michael Strahan an All-Pro Defensive lineman for the New York Giants credits chiropractic, specifically Atlas Orthogonal, an upper cervical, gentle and very precise technique for his ability to keep his body optimally tuned for his games.

He had been going to an Atlas Orthogonal doctor since 1998 and knew that the wear and tear on his body, specifically his head that took the pounding playing professional football, was a huge impact on his game.  His head was the tool he needed most in the game and it was what took the most abuse during games. Michael knew he wanted to prevent sports injuries and chiropractic care would make the difference.

He found that regular chiropractic care kept him in shape and helped his body recover quicker, allowing him to play the way he liked to play the entire season.  His body was his business, and his future depended on how he cared for his mind and body. He and many of his teammates recognized the benefits of getting this specialized type of chiropractic care. Before he began treatments, he had frequent headaches and stiff neck and shoulder issues. He didn’t feel like he was physically the best that he could be.  After a few sessions, he felt great and went through the next few seasons feeling the best he ever felt. 

These are familiar comments we hear from many of our patients, athletes especially know the importance of keeping their body in balance in order to perform optimally.  When balance was off, injuries were more likely to occur.

Over 30% of the sensory information needed to balance the body comes from the joints and muscles of the head and neck.  The head is designed to be straight and the eyes to look level with the horizon.  The center for equilibrium or balance is located within the ears. Any misalignment in the neck drastically affects the body’s balance and equilibrium. The brain will use the muscles to shift the entire spine in an effort to balance the heard, eyes and ears to allow upright movement.

The doctors at Foresight Wellness Center help athletes prevent sports injuries and chiropractic care keeps the body aligned and balanced. Whether you are a professional athlete, mother, father or student—your brain and your body perform better when stress is relieved and the body is in balance. 

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