Sports Injury Treatment with Chiropractic

Treating Sports Injuries with Chiropractic

Many types of sports injuries are effectively treated with chiropractic care.    At Foresight Chiropractic, we are familiar with treating repetitive motion injuries, neck and back injuries, sprains and strains that can occur while being active.

The benefits of chiropractic care for sport injury care include:

·       ·         Reducing pain and inflammation

·       ·         Helping prevent re-injuries and new injuries

·       ·         Improved healing times

·       ·         Improved balance and performance

·       ·         Decreased muscle soreness

·       ·         Maintaining and improving flexibility and range of motion

By focusing on spinal alignment and adjusting subluxations or mis-alignments to improve blood flow and nervous system functioning, chiropractors treat sports injuries effectively without drugs, pain-killers or invasive procedures.    Regular chiropractic adjustments can help restore the body, prevent future injuries and optimize potential performance,  

Whether you are a weekend warrior, student athlete, runner, golfer or playing any sport, chiropractic can be an effective, natural treatment restoring and improving the bodies abilities.  Some specific sports injuries effectively treated by chiropractic include: 

·       Plantar Fasciitis -- Plantar fasciitis is an injury to the ligament that runs from the heel to the toes causing moderate to severe heel pain. Plantar fasciitis most commonly occurs in individuals whose feet roll excessively while walking, in individuals with flat feet or overly high arches, and in individuals who run long distances.

·       Shin splints -- Shin splints are caused by overuse of the muscles, stress fractures in the shin bone, flat feet, and muscle weakness in the core muscles and hips. They are most common in runners and individuals that lift weights.

·       Muscle Sprains -- Sprains are injuries to the ligaments. They occur when the joint is overextended or twisted. Common strains include ankle and wrist sprains.

·       Strains -- A strain is an injury to the ligaments and muscles commonly occurring in the back and hamstrings.

·       Tendonitis -- Tendonitis is a repetitive motion injury that occurs when the joint is repeatedly overused. This injury typically causes tiny tears in the ligaments, pain and inflammation. Common tendonitis injuries include runner’s knee, tennis and golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis and frozen shoulder.

Sports Injury Treatment with Chiropractic

To learn what the great athletes know about sports injury treatment, call 480-325-6977, the Valley’s premier Wellness Center today and schedule a free consultation at Foresight Chiropractic. The Doctors are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialists providing very precise and gentle care for over 18 years. 

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