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Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, also known as The AMIT Method, is a unique therapy process involving a functional evaluation of 720 muscles in the body performed by chiropractors.

After a certified AMIT practitioner completes the functional exam, treatment follows to restore the injured or affected area.  In simple terms, when a muscle is overstressed beyond its ability to handle a load, the tissue either tears or is neurologically inhibited. This condition is defined as either “Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition” (AMI) or “Neuro- Proprioceptive Inhibition” (NPI). AMI is caused when the joint is injured or inflamed. NPI is caused when a muscle or connective tissue is injured.

How can AMIT help me?

The AMIT Method treats the inhibition that takes place in nerve centers called proprioceptors. These centers of “intelligent terminals” monitor tension, stretch, motion, and pressure in the muscles.  When the system is traumatized or inflamed, these centers “trip”, much like a circuit breaker in an electrical circuit. Once this occurs, the muscle stays inhibited when it is placed under load. Loss of range of motion, pain, and weakness are experienced. When this happens, other muscles or tissues attempt to take on more of the load as the body adapts and compensates. Imbalances may occur or a greater chance of injury.

After an inhibited muscle has been identified by the doctor, he will stimulate eight separate reflex centers and adjust three different spinal segments to re-activate proper neurological function to that muscle. Once reactivated, the muscles are now prepared to respond to strengthening exercises and have greater range of motion. The individual experiences a reduction or elimination of pain in the joint or muscle area.  

With The AMIT Method, the body is aided in the support it needs to heal and perform optimally.  Muscle overload may occur because of:

  • -Lack of conditioning to the level of demand
  • -Traumatic force exceeds the integrity of the muscle or tissues
  • -Neurological inhibition
  • -Proprioceptive inhibition
  • -Nutritional deficiencies and excesses
  • -Acupuncture system imbalances
  • -Overuse
  • -Dehydration
  • -Organ/gland stress
  • -Emotional stress
  • -Sleep deprivation
  • -Disease
  • -Medications
  • -Physical therapy modalities
  • -Toxic overload
  • -Training and conditioning imbalances

Sports Therapy Nearby

If you are experiencing limited range of motion, joint or muscle pain, inability to strengthen muscles even when working out, or want to enhance your performance, call Foresight Chiropractic, the Valley’s premier Wellness and Sports Center at 480-325-6977 to schedule your free consultation. Dr. Keith Lavender is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist and Certified Advanced Muscle Integration Technique practitioner serving the Valley for over 20 years.


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