Steps To Better Brain Health

   As we age, brain health is a critical component to quality of life. Do you worry or struggle with memory, or are you concerned with the condition of someone you care about?  While we can’t stop the aging process, there are steps you can take to promote healthy aging. 

Practice these healthy habits to improve your brain health and your overall quality of life: 

1)      Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.  Take care of your nervous system. It controls all of the organs. Now more than ever it is important to remove the stress.  Atlas orthogonal adjustments are very precise and gentle – no popping or cracking!  If the top bone of the spine, C1 or the Atlas, is tilted or off balance, it affects EVERYTHING in the body, contributing to illness, brain fog, depression, memory issues, and sub-optimal performance. The brain and central nervous system will adjust the body to adapt. Come to one of Foresight Chiropractic’s Wellness Opportunity classes to learn more. It is complimentary for the community.

2)      Exercise.  Exercise increases the amount of good chemicals in the brain and supports increased blood flow that feeds, strengthens and repairs the brain. Even a 20-minute walk or household chores and movement helps to facilitate information processing and memory.  Exercise stimulates brain plasticity by stimulating cell growth and new neuronal connections. 

3)      Healthy Nutrition.  We at Foresight Chiropractic believe that in today’s environment, everybody needs the FAB 5 every day The Fab 5 are: 1) Omega 3 EPA/DHA oil. 2) Vitamin D3 that is combined with the proper amount of Vitamins A and K. 3) Probiotics for good gut health. 4)  A good whole food Vitamin and Mineral supplement. 5) Digestive enzymes with every meal.  These are the essential nutrients that we don’t get from our food today, and we are deficient in them because of increased stress and reduced time in the sun.

4)      Sleep.  Quality sleep is essential for regenerating the body to “reset” the brain. This holds true for infants and children too, as napping helps to boost brainpower.  Research is showing that while you sleep, the neural processes associated with learning and memory is strengthened. Need help sleeping? BrainTap Technology and BEMER vascular therapy can help. Ask us about a complimentary session. 

5)      Listen to Music.   Music challenges and expands the mind.  Numerous studies show that music stimulates and strengthens the brain and helps to create new pathways.    Besides being fun and enjoyable, music is good for the brain.

6)      Laughter.   Watch funny movies or enjoy people that make you laugh. Laughter reduces stress in the body and stimulates feel good hormones.

7)      Enhance blood blow.  The BEMER Class 2 medical device used for over 21 years in Europe enhances targeted blood flow through the capillaries, which is 74% of our blood system. Increasing blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to the cells and removal of metabolic waste benefits healthy aging and increased energy, strengthened cardiac function, better performance and recovery, sleep, and relaxation.

8)      Blood work testing.  Alzheimer's disease is expected to quadruple by 2050 to over 14 million cases. Conventional medicine says there is no known cure and little can be done. Proponents of functional and wholistic medicine disagree.   A Cognoscopy, as Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD coined the term, is a series of tests recommended beginning at age 45 to measure brain health.  Also, improving lifestyle habits, nutrition, stress, exercise and inflammation markers will help for healthy aging.  Ask Dr. Keith Lavender at Foresight Chiropractic for recommended tests and steps to take. BrainTap and BEMER along with Atlas Orthogonal care are excellent steps to take to further your health.

Steps To Better Brain Health

These are a few important steps you can take to strengthen your brain health and gain a higher quality of life.  To learn more, attend our community classes or call 480-325-6977 to obtain more information about how Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractic care and BEMER Therapy can help improve your brain and body health.  Schedule a free consultation at Foresight Chiropractic in Gilbert, AZ, the Valley’s premier Wellness Center and ask for your complimentary BEMER Therapy and BrainTap session. The Doctors are Board Certified specialists serving patients of all ages for over 21 years.


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