The Scary Truth About Sugar

Halloween is here and the sugar abounds!! It’s not just a time when the kids enjoy all those candies, but adults as well can easily over-indulge

Dr. Heather Paulson, Naturopathic Oncologist and Best Selling Author shares with us just how toxic sugar can be.

“Have you ever wondered why your sugar habit is so hard to kick? You know sugar has been linked to cancer growth, but you just can’t seem to stop reaching for the chocolate. Ugh! What gives?

The thing is, your body is actually wired to want sugar. But while nature intended to nudge you to pick up nutrient-dense stuff like fresh peaches, strawberries, and snap peas, processed sugary beverages and treats pump up the volume on your natural wiring.

In other words, your amazing body is designed to have this sensory input to know which foods are full of nutrition, and then industrialized granulated sugar showed up on the scene to take the cake. Boo!

You can read more about it at but in a nutshell, stop beating yourself up. Your sugar cravings are not just some sign of weakness or character flaw (I hope you didn’t think so, but this is what I hear from folks all the time).

So what’s at risk? Well, a lot. I don’t want to spook you (hello, cancer’s already scary enough!) But while Halloween is going to look a little different this year, it’s just around the corner...and the sugar spikes that typically come along it really creep me out.

You may have heard that sugar feeds cancer; the whole truth is more complicated than that, but nevertheless, there certainly is some truth to it. 

Long story short, consuming too much sugar – or too much of anything for that matter – is unhealthy for many reasons. Cutting back on or eliminating sugar from your diet is just one step you can take towards staying or keeping cancer-free.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to ditch everything sweet forever.

Like I mentioned, you can’t go wrong with fresh, juicy fruit (especially when it’s grown in nutrient-dense soil).

And HONEY (yum!) is safe and might even disrupt cancer cell growth. In fact, a study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine showed that honey can stop cancer by:

  • Naturally boosting the immune system
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Fighting infection
  • Healing ulcers and wounds
  • Causing cancer cell death through apoptosis

Do yourself a favor this Halloween and maybe skip the Reese’s (or at least avoid eating the whole bag) and try picking up some dried mango or drizzle some rich dark honey on your coconut yogurt instead. Your health will thank you for it.”

The Scary Truth About Sugar

Fighting sugar cravings is tough. A great start is visiting Foresight Wellness Center and talking with one of the Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical Doctors. Learning about nutrition and Whole Food Supplements to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle will go a long way to reducing those cravings. Regular spinal check-ups reduce the stress on the nervous system and allow the body to function optimally, helping to reduce cravings.  Call the Valley’s premier Wellness Center at 480-325-6977 and schedule your complimentary consultation and get your health back on track, slowing down the aging process and minimizing your risk for chronic disease. Call today and talk with one of our caring staff members.

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