The Truth About Sugar Documentary

Is sugar your ball and chain? You may not even realize the amount of sugar you are getting in your diet on a daily basis. This film highlights four individuals and their lifestyle and struggles with health. They were amazed at the amount of sugar they were actually taking in. This is a European documentary and product information is found in a different location than in the U.S. 

Sugar causes inflammation in the body, is the cause of many of our current day chronic illnesses and is toxic and highly addictive. Substituting artificial sweeteners does not solve the problem as we can see the epidemic of obesity and diabetes with all of the folks that drink and eat sugar free products. It's interesting to see in this film the physiological reasons food companies add so much sugar to drinks, sauces and foods--sugar--the sweetness hits the pleasure center in the brain. So the more sugar we eat, the more we want and it begins the vicious cycle of highs and lows. 

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