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     For over fifty years, thanks to Donald Hebb's work, we understand the way neurons in our brains work together in order to create behavioral patterns over time.  According to Hebb, neurons which fire together tend to wire together - when you repeat a specific thought pattern or a certain behavior over long periods of time, the connections between the neurons involved become stronger, creating habits.

In simple terms, habits are sets of patterns which occur inside our brains. These patterns create 'grooves', and the deeper these grooves are, the less we'll need to consciously pay attention to that action. If, for instance, you take a certain route to work each day, your brain begins performing that task almost automatically, on a subconscious level. Eventually, if you're concentrating on something else, you might notice that you arrived at work without even paying attention to the environment.

Habits, of course, are extremely useful in various cases. When playing sports, for instance, we might create habits of swinging a club the correct way, or shooting the ball exactly where we want it to go. Over time, we can perform such tasks with no need for conscious thinking - and they become automatic. They might, however, become problematic at times - we might develop a bad habit, which works exactly the same way, since our brains don't distinguish bad habits from good ones. So, whenever you do something often - regardless of whether it's good or bad, you're strengthening the neurons together - and even if you want to stop doing something on a conscious level, you might have strong urges to do it.

The best way to deal with your habits is by paying attention to how they work, and consistently practice changing the habits you don't like and create new, positive pathways in your brain. We've all heard that practice makes perfect - but it also makes habits more permanent. So make sure you only practice the things you want, and work to consciously change the habits you don’t want, thus changing your life for the best.

The simplest way to do that is through the use of the MindFit headset from Self-Mastery Technologies and your audio library. We offer over six hundred titles; designed specifically to help you relearn the life you'd like to have in your mind, thus creating healthier habits and replace old, unhealthy neural pathways.

Our brain's neurons change constantly, depending on what you do and what you think about in your day to day life.

 Learn to use these skills, and be able to consciously develop neural pathways, so your lifestyle changes will become easier than ever, to the point that they'll feel basically automatic.  Just sit back and relax, while your brain does the hard work!

Train Your Brain Gilbert AZ 85234, 85207

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