Treatment For Muscle Weakness In Legs

Dr. Lavender is re-testing the muscles after Advanced Muscle Integration Technique treatment. Notice the difference in strength--the patient is able to easily resist pressure.

The gluteus maximus, one of the largest muscles, spans across the hip joint and supports the sacrum and the femur, affecting low back, knees and ankles.  Strong gluts help to stabilize the pelvis and support the hips when bending and straightening up, when doing squats, or pushing off from the ground (for running), and takes stress off the low back. 

The AMIT Method (Advanced Muscle Integration Technique) is an advanced technique to test and identify muscles and muscle groups that have been “shut off” by the nervous system to minimize stress and injury, similar to a circuit breaker in a house. When a muscle is “shut off” the body will recruit other muscles to compensate which may cause muscle or joint pain, weakness, or imbalances.

Treatment For Muscle Weakness In Legs

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