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Check out what happens to this family as they shift from consuming the foods that are sprayed with pesticides to organic ones. This study, conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, was done for two weeks only and the results effectively give you the reason you should eat organic foods. 

In the past, farmers grew foods using the seeds obtained from the preceding harvest. Then, large organizations started the seed genetics, chemical pesticides also came into existence as well as the genetically modified organisms as this marked the new seed technology. This new genetic alteration of the seeds created additional avenues to sell more chemical pesticides that were designed to help the modified seeds avoid pest infestations. Farmers followed the new modified seeds in large numbers.

What exactly are the genetically modified foods? GMOs are living organisms that have been altered artificially in a lab using genetic engineering techniques. The engineering brings together combinations of the plant, viral genes, bacteria, and animal that do not occur naturally or even through the traditional crossbreeding. Characteristic GMOs have been designed to endure herbicides.

There is strong proof that relates GMOs with damages to health and the environment. In over sixty countries all over the world for instance Australia, Japan, and other European Union members, you will see that there are strict restrictions on the production and sales of GMO.

When shoping in the U.S, you cannot tell the difference between the products, and it is hard to differentiate between the normal foods and the GMO foods unless they have been labeled. GMO products are not required to be labeled. Surveys indicate that Americans want to know if they are buying GMO or not. Currently in the U.S., GMOs, dominate as much as 80% of the processed foods according to the Non GMO Project that approves the non–GMO products.

What Healthy Foods To Eat Gilbert, AZ 

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