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Nerve pain, migraines, dizziness, vertigo, foggy brain, and neck and back pain are just a few of the reasons our patients are looking help to improve their health. Some people may describe the symptoms they’ve had for years as being “off balance” or having digestive issues frequently. Just as this patient was searching and hoping to find help to restore her quality of life, many people are looking for a gentle, non-invasive approach to true healthcare.

At Foresight Wellness Center, the Doctors take a holistic and individualized approach with each patient. Multiple modalities are utilized depending on the needs and goals of each patient. Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic care is very precise and gentle, no popping or cracking of the neck or spine.  The Activator, Koren, or Torque Release Technique (TRT) may also be used to align the spine and reduce stress on the nervous system. These techniques provide healing and optimization of health without forceful adjustments or twisting of the body. 

Additional services available for the active, sports oriented individual include Advance Muscle Integration Technique to restore balance and activate muscles that may not be functioning properly. The Doctors are Certified AMIT practitioners specializing in sports recovery and performance optimization.

BEMER vascular therapy or Low Level Cold Laser are also available to further advance healing and performance.

Best Chiropractor

At Foresight Chiropractic, the Valley’s premier Wellness Center, the Doctors are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialists serving families for over 21 years. If you have been suffering or if you are searching for guidance to optimize your health, call for a free consultation at 480-325-6977.  It is never too early for a spinal checkup for yourself or your children. You don’t have to suffer from nerve painvertigo, neck and back pain, migraines or other illnesses, call today!


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