Best Massage in Gilbert

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

The power of body work cannot be denied!  Stress and anxiety have been said to cause as much as 90% of chronic disease. Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years, and today there are many massage styles with a variety of techniques.  An important ally in your healthcare, massage is becoming extremely popular for its benefits as well as the ability to completely relax the body. There is nothing that ages us more than stress, and many people who regularly use massage therapy report an improvement in their overall state of well-being.  Let’s look at a few benefits from massage therapy.

Counteracting the Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Modern life demands a great deal of time spent sitting down, which causes postural stress because our bodies were designed to move. Prolonged periods spent in front of a desk can cause severe stress to build up in the neck and shoulder areas, which may manifest in a more advanced form of postural stress such as weakness and pain in the lower back and gluteal muscles.

Relief from Chronic Pain

Underlying causes of chronic pain involving the nervous and muscular system can be treated with therapeutic massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue and tendons. This form of massage targets trigger points, circulation, biochemical problems and postural issues caused by problems such as repetitive stress injuries.

Muscle Injuries and Back Pain

Deep Tissue Massage therapy addresses painful trouble spots by focusing pressure strokes on the deep tissue layers of muscles and tendons. This therapeutic massage relieves chronic tension patterns and heals muscle injuries such as back sprains.

Soothes Depression and Anxiety

Massages can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic, decreasing the levels of cortisol (the body’s natural stress hormone) and increasing serotonin and dopamine levels (neuro-chemicals that control feelings of happiness and well-being).

Best Massage in Gilbert

To elevate the effectiveness of a therapeutic massage, chiropractic care is recommended. By aligning the spine, you improve the communication and function of the central nervous system allowing the body to relax and heal naturally. Budgeting time and money to regular chiropractic care and massage therapy will contribute significantly to staying healthy, happy and youthful.

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