Best Sports Chiropractor Near Me

   Are you looking for relief from aches and pains or a neck, nerve or back injury?   Perhaps you want an edge to improve your sports performance or gain focus and energy.   

Help is available in the form of gentle upper cervical chiropractic care and Advanced Muscle Integration Technique.   It's truly amazing the life changing affects these two wellness modalities have on people!

These are some of the non-invasive, healthy treatment options available that are science-backed and result driven. Here at Foresight Wellness Center in Gilbert, Arizona, we've been caring for individuals, families and athletes in the community and surrounding states for over 23 years. Dr. Keith Lavender is a Board Certified upper cervical Chiropractor, wellness specialist and Certified Advanced Muscle Integration Technique practitioner.

Each Foresight patient has a unique and individualized treatment plan created to restore and move forward the desired wellness goals agreed upon during initial and periodic consultation assessments. After a functional exam, x-rays if needed, and thorough history intake have been completed, a plan is created.

With Atlas Orthogonal Technique and Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, the body is aided in spinal alignment support and proper neurological function to the muscles. This allows the body to heal and perform optimally.  

The symptoms of spinal misalignment may include:

  •    Headaches or migraines
  •    Stiff or painful neck movements, TMJ
  •    Mid-back or low back pain
  •    Muscle or joint pain
  •    Indigestion, colic, constipation, earaches
  •    Poor immune system
  •    Sciatic, leg pain, knee pain

Muscle overload and imbalance could be caused from:

  •    Traumatic force exceeds the integrity of the muscle or tissues
  •    Neurological and proprioceptive inhibition
  •    Nutritional deficiencies and excesses, dehydration
  •    Overuses, injuries, physical therapy modalities, training, and conditioning imbalances
  •    Emotional stress, organ or gland stress, sleep deprivation,
  •    Disease, mediations, toxic overloads

Are you experiencing muscle or joint pain, limited range of motion, or any of these other symptoms?

Best Sports Chiropractor Near Me

Learn more and call 480-325-6977 to schedule your complimentary consultation to find out if gentle Atlas Orthogonal best chiropractic and/or Advanced Muscle Integration Technique will help you. Check out the many reviews from clients on our website at .

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