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It is possible that your muscle or joint pain could be caused by muscles not “pulling their weight”!


As you will see in this video, Dr. Keith Lavender retests and checks the improved functioning of the gluteus maximus in this patient, after administering Advanced Muscle Integration Technique or AMIT therapy.  The gluteus maximus, one of the body’s largest muscles, spans across the hip joint and supports the sacrum and the femur. This muscle affects low back, knee, and ankle functioning.  Strong glute muscles help to stabilize the pelvis and support the hips when bending and straightening up, doing squats, or pushing up from the ground. When these muscles are strong, the back will experience less pressure.  The muscles are now strong, and the patient is able to resist pressure which she was not able to do prior to the treatment session.


How do muscles get “shut down”?


Your central nervous system acts much like a circuit breaker in a home, and it will do all it can to protect injured or impaired muscles from further damage. When the central nervous system shuts down one muscle or group, it will recruit others to take over. This can cause muscle or joint pain and imbalances leading to future injuries. Massage and exercise cannot strengthen or turn these muscles back on.


AMIT is an advanced sports medicine technique that tests and identifies muscles and muscle groups that have been “shut off”. These aberrant muscles can be the root cause of muscle and joint pain, weakness, imbalances, and recurrent injuries.


Best Sports Therapy Near Me


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