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In a case study published March 10, 2010 in the Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health Journal, it was found that continuous chiropractic care help improved the condition of a child diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), scoliosis and migraines.

The child in the case study was a seven-year old girl who suffered from paralysis and deformity on the right side of her face due to a difficult childbirth. In her early years, the child wore a cap to help reshape her skull. In addition to the deformity and paralysis, she also suffered from light sensitivity, intense migraines, vomiting, attention deficit disorder, and had difficulty concentrating since she was two years old.

A thorough chiropractic examination that included x-rays showed that the child had moderate scoliosis and vertebral subluxations were present. A treatment plan consisting of chiropractic adjustments, was initiated. 

After three months of care, a follow-up examination showed progress in the reduction of the scoliosis and subluxations which cleared stress on the nervous system, improving the child's overall health. At the same time, the girl’s mother also reported that the ADD symptoms she was experiencing, like extreme impulsiveness, improved by 30%. The child’s migraines also had stopped at this point.

The mother discontinued chiropractic care after six months, as her daughter seemed to have improved. After two years, however, the mother brought the child back for care as her symptoms began showing again. Continuing the chiropractic care, reducing the stress on the nervous system, corrected most of the problems, proving chiropractic care to have a direct impact on the underlying reason for the child’s improvement.

The study confirmed the benefits of chiropractic care. For best results and for continued optimal health, it is recommended to get regular spinal checkups once pain has subsided or corrective care is complete.  The frequency of visits may vary per individual depending upon overall health, amount of physical, chemical and emotional stress a person experiences.

Best Treatment for Scoliosis Gilbert AZ 85234, 85215 85207

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