Brain Health Tips

    Have you prioritized a happier, healthier life for you and your family this year? Is a healthier brain part of your plan—to be more creative and have super charged memory and focus?

If you are ready to explore how to elevate your cognitive abilities and add to your long-term brain health, check out the Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center and find out how to “become smarter.”

With BrainTap Technology, you can jumpstart your brain fitness journey. Here at the Wellness Center in Gilbert, Arizona, we partner with our patients to maximize their potential and support the whole person utilizing multiple modalities to enhance life.

Ask about a demo session with BrainTap and experience for yourself.

The areas BrainTap sessions can impact:


Linguistic Intelligence

Excelling in language-related skills such as writing, reading, and public speaking.


Logical-Mathematical Intelligence


Strong analytical abilities and adept at numerical calculations, pattern recognition, and problem-solving.


Spatial Intelligence

Proficient in visualizing and manipulating objects in three dimensions, often useful in artistic pursuits and careers like architecture.


Musical Intelligence

Naturally tuned in to pitch, rhythm, and musical elements, making them well-suited for musical endeavors.


Bodily-Kinestheitc Intelligence

High coordination and nuanced physical movement, showcasing promise in sports, surgery, or construction.


Interpersonal Intelligence

Exceptional at reading social cues, displaying empathy, and excelling in group projects, ideal for roles in sales, politics, teaching, or healthcare.


Intrapersonal Intelligence

Understanding oneself well, including habits, triggers, and motivations, beneficial for self-employed individuals or those with tight deadlines, such as writers.


Naturalistic Intelligence

Adept at recognizing and distinguishing plants and animals, particularly in the wild, making them well-suited for roles in environmentalism, botany, or meteorology.

Brain Health Tips

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