Chiropractic Treatments Can Help With Autism 85234

The Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research recently published a case study regarding the use of chiropractic adjustment to treat issues related to autism and to the autism spectrum. The study was about a 5 year old girl who weighed only 2 pounds and 5 ounces at birth and was born at 28 weeks. Her mother had a history of drug abuse. The girl was diagnosed with autism several times and abnormal behaviors were first documented two years prior to the study. A thorough developmental evaluation was scheduled. The child failed five of the critical items, including communication, self-help and adaptive, sensory, social and emotional and cognitive.

The child was taken to a local chiropractor for some adjustments. The parents were concerned about a number of symptoms, including frequent headaches, vomiting and acid reflux, seizures and difficulties sleeping, which are commonly associated with autism. The chiropractor decided on a subluxation-based approach. This treatment worked well against headaches and improvements were noticed within a month regarding sleeplessness, vomiting and acid reflux. Other improvements that were noticed, included a calmer behavior. The child maintained eye contact, seemed happier and her attitude improved. Her attention and focus improved and she made progresses in an initiation to sound out words.

According to the study, the girl was still making progress at the end of the study. Her vocabulary is greatly increasing and so are her abilities to focus. There have been no epileptic episodes.

Her mother said the child is no longer taking medication and everyone is noticing an improvement, including her pre-school teachers, speech therapists and occupational therapists. Her mother finds it easier to communicate with her child; including making eye contact and hearing her child say a few words.

Why have a newborn checked at birth by a Chiropractic Physician? Damage or pressure on the neurological structures present in the spine can lead to complications and initial nerve interference can begin at birth.  It is possible to reduce and remove nerve interference getting significant improvements by correcting misalignments.

The authors of this case study believe that Autistic children can benefit from being treated by occupational therapists, MDs, chiropractors and other medical professionals to address the different symptoms associated with autism and disorders on the autism spectrum.

Chiropractic Treatments Can Help With Autism 85234

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