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Jim McMahon, a former Chicago Bears quarterback, had just about given up hope as he had relegated his future to one of total pain and anguish. The times of memory loss and incoherence stemmed from the former all-pro quarterbacks episodes of being slammed to the artificial turf repeatedly by 255 pound linebackers and 350 pound middle guards. He could literally hear his heartbeat pounding in his head, and was so debilitated that he now rarely went out as he continually sought relief by staying home in his Scottsdale, Arizona residence. The very difficult situation made it impossible to lead a normal life, and at times when he did go out, he found that sometimes found it difficult to find his way home.

McMahon admitted that he had entertained thoughts of suicide, and although at the moment they were only thoughts, but he had resigned himself that he would be this way the rest of his life. Prior to meeting Raymond Damadian, the inventor of the MRI, the 55 year old former quarterback had experienced episodes of pain and disorientation that no person should have to deal with. He had been searching for concussion relief.

Consequently when Damadian took a closer look at McMahon's neck, he found that not only was McMahon dealing with post-concussion trauma, but the two top vertebrae were very much out of alignment and were expressly concussion related. McMahon then visited a chiropractor at Damadian's suggestion. Damadian told McMahon that the only thing that would cause the neck to be shaped like that would be a spine that was misaligned, and that can cause a blockage of cerebral spinal fluid.

McMahon, accompanied by Damadian visited the office of Dr. Scott Rosa, who is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal specialist. He did a gentle procedure on McMahon, which aligned the vertebrae. McMahon said that relief was instant and it was like a toilet flushing, and he thought that is was no wonder that he had heard his heart beating. He was having difficulty speaking, difficulty seeing clearly, and as soon as Dr. Rosa aligned his atlas, the top vertebra in his spine, everything changed. He found concussion relief -- It was amazing!

Concussion Relief Mesa, AZ 85204, 85214, 85215

If you or anyone you care about has had a concussion or is involved in contact sports, don't wait--contact Foresight Chiropractic Wellness in Gilbert, AZ. The doctors are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal specialists, providing gentle, precise care to the entire family. Jim McMahon is just one example of difference that can be made--concussions and chiropractic--saves lives. Call 480-525-7841.


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